We focus on individual students and families providing a personal approach to the increasingly complex college admissions process. CollegeLocators.com follows the guidelines of the National Association of College Admissions.

Our services include:

• Assisting students and families to research and choose appropriate colleges to which they will apply.

• Assist students and families with college visitations.

• Assist with FAFSA, CSS profile and financial aid

• Help students prepare for college interviews.

• Assist in planning and preparation for

• Assist in following admissions timelines

• Assist in “marketing” students and help them stand out from the crowd.

• Review and critique essays and completed applications

• Provide emotional support and personalize the college admissions process during a stressful time for students and families.

• Assist current college students with appropriate transfer schools.

Students and families must be prepared to take an active role in the college planning process! We look forward to working with you in what has become the most competitive time in the history of college admissions.

FEES: All fees are based on specific individual needs. Refer to our contract for details. Please contact us for an initial consultation.

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