A trusting, successful relationship is what makes our business work. That's why we are thrilled when a student, family or college administrator takes the time to compliment us. Here are just a few of the nice things that people have said about Mike Donahue and CollegeLocators.com.

“I highly recommend Mr. Donahue and Collegelocators.com to any student facing the stressful admission process. After I was devastated by an unexpected deferral from my early-decision school choice, Davidson College, Mr. Donahue proved an invaluable resource. At this very confusing point in my life, Mr. Donahue reassured my confidence and helped me rapidly choose and apply to several other schools. I was later admitted to Davidson as well as all the other schools I had applied to. However, Mr. Donahue's expert advice let me to discover an even better opportunity than Davidson at the University of Miami. I know Mr. Donahue was brought into my life for a reason and I will certainly KEEP SMILING in true College Locator Spirit!”
Jackie Sullivan, University of Miami, Honors Program, Class of 2011

“1 have only the highest praise for Mike Donahue. He has extensive knowledge of his field and is extremely reliable and conscientious regarding all aspects of the college admissions process. He is very approachable and friendly, with a warm sense of humor that makes him a pleasure to be around. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to know and work with Mr. Donahue, and I recommend his services to anyone.”
Anne Miller, Smith College 2002

“Mr. Donahue quite frankly is about as good as it gets. Yes, you read that correctly...AS GOOD AS IT GETS! Mr. D. will help you find the school for you. He will keep you sane. He will make you laugh!”
Matt Kaszanek, Boston University 2003

"This has been a very stressful time of year for me .... Thanks to your help, I was accepted into all four colleges I applied to, and after weeks of considering each school, I chose Providence College. I feel that with your help I made the right choice."
Jason Oliver
Providence College, 2005

"Mike Donahue helped me to eliminate all unnecessary factors and concentrate on what I needed in a school. This led me to make one of the most important decisions of my life thus far. Now, having graduated from college, I feel that the whole experience turned out perfectly. I chose correctly and everything went as smoothly as can be expected. I am forever grateful to Mr. Donahue for all that he has done for me. He made that part of my life run a little more smoothly; he removed the unnecessary burdens and was a real friend. You can't ask for anything more when you are at that point. He has made a permanent mark on my life and will never be forgotten. He is an extraordinary individual and people are fortunate to have him in their lives. I know that for me he has been an inspiration, a support and most of all, a friend. I wish him luck in all that he does. Thank you."
Karolyn Ohlson, Bridgewater State College '99

"Mike Donahue knows college admissions; he eliminates the fear factor. Prospective college freshmen have dreams and ambitions, Mike Donahue has the expertise to make those dreams come true and those ambitions become reality."

Andrea Keating, parent of Joseph, Boston College, Class of 2003
“Having known Mike Donahue for most of my 30 years in college admissions, I can assure an College Locators client that they will receive the highest level of professional knowledge and care! Mike is "one of a kind" and will always offer his unique blend of honesty, humor, perspective and commitment to students and families throughout the college admissions process. Enjoy!"
Fred Bartlett, Admissions
Florida Southern College

“I have worked closely with Mike Donahue during his many years as a college counselor and have enormous respect for him professionally. When working with Mike you always know that students come first. He really takes the time to develop a relationship with his students... Mike is a loyal and trusted colleague and I would trust him to help my own children through the admissions maze.
Laura McPhie Oliveira, Vice President for Enrollment, Salve Regina University

"Mike Donahue is one of the most unique, creative, and caring college counselors I have worked with."
Katherine Vidra
Admissions/Financial Aid, Harvard University

"Mike Donahue is totally committed to helping students find the appropriate college and to making the best “match” possible for each individual. Mike makes great efforts to know his students personally and truly enjoys the college search process with his “kids”. He is well known by college admissions officers and his recommendations carry a lot of weight with me, and with my colleagues at other colleges and universities.”
Sarah Soule, Champlain College

"Mike Donahue is a 'go to' college counselor. Mike has the experience and breadth of knowledge of the college admissions process that is unique and hard to find. He regularly visits college campuses and personalizes the relationship with admissions officers. Simply put: Mike loves what he does, and he is good at it. He will guide, not push, you along the college
admissions path."

Steve Briggs Director of Admissions University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

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